Revision History

Revision History

Build 3100.010 (3/19/18)

Fixes and Updates:
Fixed changing that date causing the year to be saved incorrectly for CR1000 HMIs


Build 3100.009 (1/29/18)

Fixes and Updates:
Fixed FTP Server Lists volume label
Fixed FTP Server Lists describes root directory incorrectly
Fixed graphical primitives from showing incorrect names
Fixed reported issues using the FTP Server on Graphite HMIs


Build 3100.008 (1/24/18)

Fixes and Updates:
Added updates to the Crimson manual
Fixed bootloader upgrade failures via Ethernet for CR1000
Fixed various system stability and file system issues for Graphite HMIs, Controllers and CR1000 HMIs


Build 3100.003 (10/16/17)

Fixes and Updates:
Added download support for CR1000


Build 3100.002 (10/6/17)

Fixes and Updates:
Fixed errors in manuals
Fixed fan images not matching in symbol library
Fixed functionality of Graphite auxiliary Ethernet port
Fixed loss of I/O module mappings when importing a database
Fixed loss of transparency in symbols


Build 3100.000 (10/3/17)

Initial release of Crimson 3.1