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Red Lion’s Graphite® Core Controller is a rugged standalone industrial controller that features all-metal construction and works with a variety of I/O modules to combine IEC 61131 control capabilities with networking and data visualization alongside the core functionality – protocol conversion, data logging and web serving – of a Graphite seven inch HMI minus the graphical display. 

Powerful Crimson 3.x Software with Crimson Control

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop graphical software for easy setup
  • Use industry-standard IEC 61131 programming languages such as Ladder Logic, Function Block, Structured Text and Instruction List
  • Map over 300 drivers to other devices without the need for special gateways
  • Easy single-solution configuration eliminates need for third-party software

Versatile I/O Module & Expansion Options

Industry-Leading Protocol Conversion

  • Communicate with over 300 major industrial protocols
  • Support up to 18 simultaneous protocols
  • Convert between serial, USB and Ethernet devices
  • Manage multi-vendor environments with ease

Rugged Environmental Specifications

  • Wide -40° to 70°C operating temperature
  • High shock and vibration tolerance
  • IP 20 rated
  • CE, UL/cUL and UL/cUL Hazardous approvals                 

Powerful Integration Functionality

  • Ethernet, USB and serial ports make communication simple
  • Built-in data logging enhances troubleshooting and helps meet regulatory requirements
  • Robust web server provides remote visualization, access and control to reduce costly site visits
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Red Lion
Price: $1,798.00


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Backup Configuration Cards

SD001G00 - SD001G00 1GB SD Card
SD002G00 - SD002G00 2GB SD Card


GMCAN000 - GMCAN - Graphite® Module, CAN Protocol
GMDIOR00 - Digital Graphite Module, I/O, 8 Inputs, 6 Relay Outputs
GMDIOS00 - GMDIOS- Digital Graphite® Module, I/O, 8 Inputs, 6 Solid State Outputs
GMDN0000 - GMDN0000 - Graphite® Module, DeviceNet Protocol
GMHSPA00 - GMHSPA00 - Graphite® Module, HSPA+ Cellular Communication
GMINI800 - GMINI8- Graphite® Module, 8 DC Current Inputs
GMINV800 - GMINV8- Graphite® Module, 8 DC Voltage Inputs
GMJ19390 - GMJ1939 - Graphite® Module, J1939 Protocol
GMOUT400 - GMOUT4- Graphite® Module, 4 Analog Outputs
GMP1RA00 - GMP1RA- Graphite® Module, Single PID, Relay, Analog Outputs
GMP1RM00 - GMP1RM- Graphite® Module, Single PID, Relay, HCM
GMP1SA00 - GMP1SA- Graphite® Module, Single PID, SSR, Analog Outputs
GMP1SM00 - GMP1SM- Graphite® Module, Single PID, SSR Outputs, HCM
GMP2R000 - GMP2R- Graphite® Module, Dual PID, Relay Outputs
GMP2RM00 - GMP2RM- Graphite® Module, Dual PID, Relay, HCM Outputs
GMP2S000 - GMP2S- Graphite® Module, Dual PID, SSR Outputs
GMP2SM00 - GMP2SM- Graphite® Module, Dual PID, SSR, HCM Outputs
GMPBDP00 - GMPBDP00 - Graphite® Module, PROFIBUS DP Protocol
GMRTD600 - GMRTD6- Graphite® Module, 6 RTD Inputs
GMSG10R0 - GMSG1 Strain Gage Graphite® Module One Strain Gage Input, Relay Outputs
GMSG10S0 - Strain Gage Module 1 Strain Gage In, Solid State Out
GMSG11R0 - Two Input Graphite Strain Gage Module, Relay Outputs
GMSG11S0 - Strain Gage Module 2 Strain Gage In, Solid State Out
GMTC8000 - GMTC8- Graphite® Module, 8 Thermocouple Inputs
GMUIN400 - GMUIN4- Graphite® Module, 4 Universal Inputs

Expansion Racks

GEXRACK1 - Graphite® Wide Expansion Rack for Modules
GEXRACK2 - Graphite® Standard Expansion Rack for Modules

Expansion Rack Accessories

CBLUSBM0 - USB Tethering Cable, 0.5 M Metal Jacketed
CBLUSBM1 - USB Tethering Cable, 1 M Metal Jacketed
CBLUSBM2 - USB Tethering Cable, 2 M Metal Jacketed

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GRAC00C5 Graphite® Core Controller

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